Friday, August 25, 2023

Ruby+Associates, Inc. has received the 2023 A/E/C Building a Better World Award from PSMJ Resources, Inc., the world’s leading authority on effective and profitable architecture and engineering firm management practices. The annual award recognizes firms demonstrating an outstanding commitment to improving lives and communities through donations of time, resources, creativity and energy. Nominated firms are judged by a select committee based on scored assessments of employee involvement, executive commitment, duration and longevity of programs, and level of impact. Tricia Ruby, Ruby’s President and CEO, will accept the award during the A/E/C Thrive Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah on September 22nd, 2023.

“Building a better world isn’t something that is only the domain of the mega-firms with deep resources,” stated Gregory Hart, President of PSMJ Resources, Inc. “The firms nominated for this award come in all sizes and share a realization that giving time and resources back to the community is the right thing to do. Beyond that, some of the best and brightest future employees are watching to see which firms really commit to action and changing lives. That is what stood out to our judges about Ruby+Associates’ efforts on this front. Their list of accomplishments and impact to the community may be something you’d expect from a team that is orders of magnitude larger than 55 employees.” he adds.

Some particular things from Ruby’s nomination that stood out to PSMJ’s panel of judges included:

• Ruby has integrated community service into its business model with the Community Service Community that meets regularly and has an annual plan.

• The firm’s CEO commits (at least) 1% of revenue to charitable efforts.

• The committee has tracked meaningful results across a wide spectrum of efforts.

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