Our Story

We can’t talk about our story, or the history of Ruby, without first talking about that of our retired founder, David Ruby. Growing up in Pennsylvania (aka ‘Steel Country’) and after extensive experience working in both construction and design, Dave’s constructability design philosophy was born. He recognized that there was a need for the construction industry to have structural engineers as advocates. It was on this premise that Ruby+Associates was formed as a consultant for the steel construction and fabrication industry.

Since then, constructability - the process of integrating construction knowledge into the design process to improve construction efficiency and maximize cost and schedule savings - has become part of Ruby+Associates’ DNA.

Ruby+Associates has earned the trust of leading constructors, fabricators, erectors, and architects through our unwavering commitment to excellence in core services like Construction Engineering, Building Design, Structural Analysis/Reinforcement, and Connection Design. We take pride in our innovative LeanSteel® project delivery approach, which streamlines design-build projects, optimizing the steel supply chain and providing efficient, cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Under the leadership of Dave’s daughter Tricia Ruby for over a decade, we've fostered a thriving work culture, enhanced transparency, and achieved remarkable growth. Our efforts have been recognized with accolades like Great Place to Work® certification and a place among the Top 50 Small Workplaces in Fortune Magazine.

In 2023, Ruby+Associates joined forces with Degenkolb, a distinguished structural engineering firm with a history dating back to 1940. This partnership has created a team of over 300 professionals in ten office locations, expanding our collective expertise in healthcare, science/technology, education, and federal projects. The collaboration enhances our capabilities and capacity, particularly for larger and more complex structures.

As we move forward, Ruby+Associates, a Degenkolb Company, remains committed to delivering excellence in structural engineering to our clients.


Constructability is the application of collaborative design, in-depth construction knowledge and real-world experience in support of our clients’ goals.

Constructability expands the parameters that can be considered in design decisions. It allows us to proactively consider all aspects of the construction process, and facilitate a more thorough design. It helps us to identify structural limitations early on, capitalize on opportunities that can reduce construction downtime and costs, and ultimately create a structure that is more efficient with its use of resources.

We wrote the book on Constructability... no really, we did! Check out the American Institute of Steel Construction's Design Guide 23: Constructability of Structural Steel Buildings.

Guiding Principles

There are just a few things that we hold to be true throughout our organization. They are how and why we're able to do what we do.

Constructability in all we do.

We ensure constructability is inherent in all our thinking, actions and recommendations. It drives us to consider the end goal as well as the steps to get there, and enables us to help our clients create better construction solutions. 

our principals

Continual technical excellence.

We are recognized as the definitive experts in our field. We value and foster ongoing education, experience and growth to make sure we remain so.

our principals

Collaboration at every level.

We welcome the chance to increase understanding, share knowledge and work together towards a common goal at every opportunity.

our principals

Serving success.

We focus on providing the highest level of service and on fulfilling the needs of the people we support — our goals are your goals.

our principals

Team Ruby

From 30-year veterans to the best and brightest new grads, our team members create amazing experiences for the clients we work with. Get to know us!

National Registrations

With experts licensed as Professional Engineers and/or Structural Engineers in 42 states, 3 provinces, and the District of Columbia, we're able to deliver constructable structural steel solutions throughout the U.S. and Canada. Ruby’s WBE certification applies to all U.S. states besides New York and North Carolina, where Ruby provides engineering services through Ruby Engineering, P.C.

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International Experience

We're also helping to engineer extraordinary structures all around the globe!

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